Formula1 – Lewis Hamilton F1

16 Nov

Hey there internet :]

Just starting a new blog that’s linked to my twitter account (LH_F1Fan). I’m a massive Lewis Hamilton fan and an F1 fan in general. I’ll be using this blog/my site (, twitter and google pages to update the world on the way i see F1 events, my opinions and general nonsense i find to talk about.

Just a little history about me..

I’ve new to F1, within the last 4 years or so. My first ever F1 Grand Prix i went to was Monza in 2011. My favourite team is Mclaren (soon to be Merc), even after hearing about all the strict rules they have. I’ve been to the Mclaren technology center (worth a visit if you can win tickets). I pre-plan my weekends around F1 races. I try at very least to watch a practice session, qually and the race.

Not long to go till the end of the season thankfully. Looses its appeal when it’s vettel in the running for the title again. Anywho, good luck to Alonso!

Blog’ya Later :]